Miroslava Večeřová graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague with an MA in Photography (2014). In the past she received a Ba from Camberwell College, University of the Arts, London (2008). 

Recent solo exhibitions include Relief, 35m2, Prague (2016),  GIRLFRIEND, Introducing Nicole Morris and Miroslava Vecerova, National Gallery in Prague - Fair Trade Palace (2016). Inner Monologue, SPZ Gallery, Prague (2016). Too Soon, Gallery AMU, Prague (2015). Part Two: Fake Breathing, Gallery KIV, Prague (2014). Flying Objects, Window Gallery Deniska, Prague (2014). Je ne travaille jamais: Animation, INI Gallery, Prague (2014). Workplace, Gallery AMU, Prague (2014). Daphne and Meander, UKG, Český Krumlov (2014). Daphne and Meander, Gallery 209, Brno (2014). Part One: Tongue of Landscape, Gallery K4, Prague (2013) and Rhyme, Gallery Nika, Prague (2013). 

Selected group exhibitions include Dreams That Money Can Buy, Drdova Gallery, Prague (2016), Teseract, Gallery AMU, Prague (2016),  Pozitiv/Negativ, Gallery Alternativa, Jihlava (2015), Delta, Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin (2015), Wind Chill, Prádelna Bohnice, Prague (2014), Peripheral Vision, 4TH Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (2014), Locomotion Artists’ Moving Image Festival, London (2014), To Be Or Not to Be, Gallery AVU, Prague (2013), Lessons of Proxemic Dance, Gallery AVU, Prague (2013), Recent Work by Artist-Bleisure Island, Autoitalia South East, London (2013), Baba Toure: Zahrádky, Gallery K4, Prague (2013), Landscape, Skrz na Skrz Photography Festival, Prague (2013), Metamorfeliery, Gallery K4, Prague (2013).

She received a jury award for her video River, Other Vision, Festival of Film Animation Olomouc (2014), completed a solo residency at ESAC in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic (2014) and exhibited in Popposition Off-Fair, Brussels (2015).